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22 Things people forget to clean

1.) Headboard. Okay sure you change your sheets weekly and you might even vacuum the mattress quarterly but what about the headboard and footboards of your bed

The amount of dust, dirt, and dead skin on them is bound to be just as disturbing as the bed itself even just a quick wipe down with some pledge every time you change the sheets can do wonders. To me this is so satisfying because after you take a shower and hop in to bed you know that everything including yourself is as clean as a whistle!

2.) The stove drawer, Personally I use it for baking pan storage however just recently I read somewhere that this drawer can also be used as a warmer when making foods. Now whether or not this is true who cleans this when doing the daily or weekly kitchen rundown. I can tell you most people don’t! It’s near your food and things used to make food it needs a good antibacterial wiped down regularly. Plus this also allows you to see if you actually use the items you store down there, if you never use them get rid of them to make room for the things you actually use.

3.) Shower liner & curtain, hopefully you and your bathroom have a cleaning regimen that happens on the reg. If not I think you need to reevaluate some things… or everything. I feel one place in this small germ filled space that gets neglected is the shower curtain and liner

I’ve asked some people and they said they have never cleaned them EVER. Some say they change them out once or twice a year that they don’t bother with cleaning it

Once a month I throw mine into the washing machine on a warm gentle cycle. As always before washing anything read the instructions on yours first. For mine it’s completely doable and comes out perfect every time. No more soap scum, mold, or mildew anywhere to be found.

4.) Speaking of washing things… what about that washing machine. Conveniently someone is already one step ahead because they have created little cleaning packets that you just toss in and turn it on for a cycle and it does all the heavy lifting. It cleans so many things and every once and awhile it needs some love too. Along with the pre wash packets I like to take my Mother’s detailing tool and go around all the books and crannies and make sure there’s residue from leftover laundry detergent or just icky guck.

5.) The Dryer If we are keeping with the theme of appliances that work hard so you don’t have to..

You should clean the lint trap after every load but have you ever really gotten it ALL out. Every month I take the shop-vac to the wire mesh behind the lint trap holder and get every little bit out. This helps the dryer run more efficiently. Now every appliance is different but just every now and then be a little more thorough when cleaning the things that help you clean.

6.) The lawnmower, I know what you’re thinking seriously I’m gonna start cleaning the dirty outside things. Why yes, yes you should.

Every time you mow your lawn you get grass, dirt, bug guts and God knows what else on your lawnmower. Just as I’ve said before things work better when they are in their best condition, so you should keep your lawnmower in tip top shape if you want it to keep doing great things with your lawn. Before putting it away give it a good wipe down and clean the bag completely from debris. Also if using one with gas make sure you don’t let it sit too long with the same old gas in it just for kicks and giggles. Then when you put it away whether that be a shed, a garage, or simply on the side of the house along with the garbage cans and other outdoor gadgets make sure you put it a little bit off of the ground. For some reason everything I do this with it seems to stay cleaner longer if it’s not stuck on the ground somewhere.

7.) Taking a twist in products here but can you guess what one of the dirtiest things you own is. I’ll give you a hint.. it’s not your toilet seat but it has just as many germs as one and you use it daily. You might even be using it right now. Any guesses? Your Phone. You take it with you everywhere it comes into contact with every place you’ve been and every germ known to man. Every once and awhile I like to take my phone out of the case and wipe it down with an alcohol wipe and wash my case with good ole fashioned dish soap and water. While your at it you might want to wipe down phone chargers headphones and other accessories too.

8.) This may be small, but small things can get dirty too. This is also something odd that most people would think are always cleaning themselves but oh would you be wrong. The aerator on your sink faucets, bath faucets & shower heads. You think well I run the water every day so nothing is getting on them. Steaming hot water should clean the bacteria off. Ha, if anything that’s a breeding ground for the bacteria to grow. There is hope, grab yourself some Castile soap, distilled vinegar, lemon juice and a toothbrush. If you can remove your head detach it from the faucet itself this makes it oodles easier. Once removed pour solution onto the aerator and scrub away and even scrub around the rest of the openings for an additional clean. If you can’t detach not to worry just mix all the ingredients into a bag and secure around the area to let it soak. Soak for however long is needed and scrub away and rinse away.

You’d be surprised at the water pressure and clarity of the water afterwards.

9.) Purses or bags, for the ladies your purse is your trusty friend that holds pieces of you that you need. Whether it’s big or small, fancy or functional they go with us everywhere. If you have a designer handbag they tell you to spot clean and well that’s completely up to you. Me I could never own a hundred or even a thousand dollar handbag so I wouldn’t know. If your handbag came from Marshall’s or TJMaxx or even some place like that you may be more reluctant to do the following to it. Personally I have a faux leather purse that I clean with Castile soap and warm water. For real leather, suede, or other fancy material use a specific made cleaner and use it sparingly. For interiors remove items and shake thoroughly. Also I like to use a lint roller or a damp washcloth to wipe down the pockets and zippers and such. If your a cloth person well lucky you, you can most likely toss it in the wash. Vera Bradley days oh how I miss you. One thing I like to do is throw them in a garment bag so that clips, buckles, and other adornments don’t get messed up in the process. You can either tumble dry low, put the blow dryer on a cool setting, or simply air dry whichever you prefer.

10.) Garbage cans. So your garbage goes in them why clean something that’s just going to keep getting dirty. Well you know when you come home and you sniff and uh your like great the scent of my house is… trash. The things in your bag may cause these smells but so could the lingering smells, oils, and residue of what was once in your garbage can. Make sure to soak and scrub your garbage can down so that you can minimize the unwanted stench of garbage. Along with the garbage you should try this with recycling bins too. And if you’re not recycling well shame on you.

11.) Hair brushes/makeup brushes. This one to me is a no brainer, but for some they have never even tried. Hair brushes and makeup brushes. I’m not just talking about removing the excess hair from the brush either I’m talking a good scrub a dub. My mother taught me to do this at a very young age and it totally clicked and made so much sense. If you take a shower and shampoo and conditioner your hair and then run a dirty brush through your tresses you’re ruining it all. Soaking all of your brushes in soap and water and laying them out on a towel to air dry is always how I have done it. Makeup brushes on the other hand my require more TLC. I have a brush egg. This has changed the game for cleaning brushes full of leftover shadows and glitter. There’s also full sink mats and spinning handle cleaners too. Depending on your use and how efficient you wanna be will effect your cleaning method and tools.

12.) Steering Wheel cover. I personally just started doing this because I noticed my black and white steering wheel cover was getting a little dirty from time to time. You most likely use it every day and you don’t realize the things on your hands while driving. I didn’t until I saw the part of my steering wheel that were white not looking so crisp anymore. Mine is fabric so again I just threw it in the washing machine. If it’s faux leather or leather just a wipe down would do a lot of good.

13.) Air vents. Self explanatory. Unscrew them clean them and have better air quality. Your ducts may need cleaning too, but I’d leave that up to the professionals as that can be a chore that will leave you feeling like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

14.) Ice cube bin/ice cube trays

I realize many people have modern refrigerators that have built in ice makers and that’s all fine and dandy, however I do not. I still use a bin that holds my small cubes of ice. I clean this bin once every two weeks even if it still has ice in it. I don’t reach dirty hands in to the bin or anything but it’s just nice to know it’s clean. Fresh ice is a must for me. Even for those blessed enough to have built in ice makers clean the rims and openings where ice comes out just to be safe.

15.) Pantry, this is not only good for cleaning purposes but also to get rid of old expired food and really utilize the most out of your groceries. Not only cleaning but organizing can go a long way. Before grocery shopping remove everything from the pantry. Clean the floors, wipe down shelves, and clean any baskets or containers used. Then go about putting things back that you will use that aren’t expired or stale. Make sure to put them in the front so they will get used first. Also make sure things are sealed so bugs and other critters won’t be tempted to take advantage of the snacks.

16.) Refrigerators, benefits are pretty much same as the pantry. I like to clear everything out and take a nice hot soapy sponge to all the shelves and surfaces. Wipe dry with a paper towel and then close the doors to let the air get cool. Then wipe down any items to keep and put them back in their appropriate space. Oh and don’t forget to wipe down the top, sides, and handles too!

17.) Smoke detectors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, doorbells, and things of this nature. These things all help us out a great deal behind the scenes and they can get a bit neglected. Make sure these things are free from dust and debris. Also make sure the batteries or wiring are functioning properly.

18.) Closets, maybe you clean out your closet from dirty clothes but have you actually washed the closet. This is where you place your clean clothes after you’ve washed and dried them so it should be clean. Every 3 months I take everything out of my closet and clean the floors, walls, and shelving. This just makes sure that nothing crazy is going on in there. Especially because my closet is close to our bathroom and moisture from the shower could easily mosey its way on over. Removing everything from your closet also gives you a chance to reevaluate your fashion choices and what you actually wear and the clothes that you don’t. Tip: When putting the hangers back in the closet put them in backwards then when you wear an item put the hanger in correctly when the three months is up, see what hangers are still the opposite way. To keep or not to keep!

19.) Knobs, pulls, switches you get it. Any thing that you touch to open or turn on something should be cleaned doesn’t matter what they are for, clean them. Dirt and oils from your hands get on these items and you wouldn’t even think twice about it. Over time these things can look dingy and even have a hazy film on them. Ew, don’t let this be you!

20.) Couch, have you smelled your couch lately. Does it smell like Fido, or your husbands nasty feet, or maybe the kids left animal crackers in the cushions because they are saving them for later. Either way it’s a plush mess just waiting for you to clean. If you bought a couch where you don’t have removable/washable cushions who do you think you are? Crazy you’re crazy is what you are. Hopefully you were smart and your cushions have covers with zippers and you can toss them in the wash. As for the cushions and the structure of the couch take a damp washcloth and wipe it down, vacuum any visible dirt/food/pet hair. Spray with something pleasant smelling and put back together. This is one BIG chore but the payoff is extremely worth it.

21.) Shower Caddy/Shower storage

Shower storage is a must. I hated having bottles sit in the corners of showers collecting pools of water and adding to the yuck. So I got a hanging shower caddy and woah the difference. Even though it’s much more organized and big bottles aren’t laying around I still feel the need to clean the racks and bottles every once and awhile. Moisture is still present, less than before but not totally gone. I also do not want the metal to rust so wiping the shelves down helps.

22.)Salt/Pepper shakers

Admit it don’t you just refill them and call it a day. I did for a long time, but as I consciously thought about cleaning this was one item I had never cleaned. If your tops become clogged with the spices that could mean moisture is getting in and making it cling to the tops. Now every time they are ready for a refill I remove the caps and run them through the dishwasher. Mine are metal and glass so I can do this. If yours are not dishwasher safe simply some soap and water will do. This is a small cleaning task that will seem silly, but totally doable for anyone.

There are a lot of other things to clean for sure, but hopefully you will find something that has just slipped your mind. Comment if you think something should be added to the list!!!